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Investigate: The Learning Community


Discover what makes your school and your school grounds special as a learning community! Students will explore the different areas of your school and help make improvements. 

This investigation will help your team identify improvements for your school grounds, and ideas to help local wildlife, flora and fauna, the school community, and your neighborhood, city, state, country and world. 

Your results will inform school staff and students where they can make improvements and to also generate an action plan.

One of the best ways to improve your school and community is through the OWLS program, coordinated by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks. 


Through this program students will have the opportunity to help create and maintain an outdoor space where they will gain exposure to native wildlife and plant communities and engage in interdisciplinary study through hands-on outdoor learning. ​

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Download these files to get started with this investigation! 

The Learning Community
Print Off Packet

The Learning Community Investigation

The Learning Community-Home Connection

Please visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks website links for more information about how to start an OWLS at your school and to see a directory of OWLS in Kansas.

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