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Standards of Excellence: Kansas Green School Recognition Criteria

Recognition is provided to schools who achieve the outlined KGS Standards of Excellence at any of the three levels: Silver, Gold, and Green. Based on the criteria below, select the level of recognition your team will apply for.

Recognition Levels

View Rubrics for Each Recognition Level

silver globe.png

Silver Globe Rubric

gold globe.png

Gold Globe Rubric

green globe.png

Green Globe Rubric

Ready to Apply for Recognition?

All your hard work has paid off and now your school can begin the Kansas Green Schools of Excellence application process!  Before you begin, you will need to verify which Globe Level of Recognition your school will be applying for. (Did you review the levels and rubrics for each?)

You can apply for recognition at any point, but the application deadline for each school year is no later than June 15th.  

Your school will be notified of it's recognition level no later than the beginning of the school year so you can incorporate your Green School Recognition into your new school year celebrations!

You can save your application at any point while you are working on your application.

If you have any questions while you are completing your application, please contact:

Rachel 2020.jpg
Rachel Wahle

Director of Kansas Green Schools Program


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