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Teachers: Join the KICK Challenge!

What is the KICK Challenge?

Keep It Clean, Kansas! Teachers and their students create and execute an education and outreach project that educates and informs a particular audience and fits within the Recycle Right theme. Choose to focus on the best practices regarding recycling, waste reduction, or composting.

Three teams will be chosen to receive a $1,000 award for their school.

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A Pre-K through High School Opportunity

A Green School is a healthy, environmentally-friendly space to work, learn, and play.  

Studies show that students, teachers, administrators, and staff who spend time in Green Schools experience fewer absences and illnesses, and generally express more satisfaction with their school experience. 


Students' imagination and enthusiasm are heightened by using nature and the environment as a classroom. Incorporating EE practices into curriculum help schools achieve state & national academic standards in all subject areas. 

Green Schools incorporate quality, non-biased environmental education across the curriculum, using the facility and grounds themselves as opportunities for educational experiences. 


Investigations are the heart of the Kansas Green Schools Program.

Getting your students involved in investigating your school to find ways to reduce energy use and create a healthier school environment helps to build student engagement, awareness, knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a relevant and real-world context. 

Developed from the Project Learning Tree Green Schools! investigations and the National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools USA investigations, the Kansas Green Schools of Excellence investigations provide teachers, students, parents and community members with initial investigations to begin explorations in the following areas:

Science Class


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Kansas Green School Leader eeCredential

This eeCredential is designed to provide student leaders, educators and community leaders with an introduction to environmental education, experience with environmental education and green school activities, and the skills necessary to integrate environmental education and green team projects and investigations into classrooms, schools and programming.

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Supports Mental Health and Emotional & Social Skills

Participation in Kansas Green Schools supports students' mental health and the development of skills such as self-esteem, character development, team work, and leadership.  

In the Classroom

Academic Skills (Meets NGSS, Common Core aligned)

Students develop academic skills such as critical thinking, oral communication, analytical skills, problem solving, and higher-order thinking

Environmentally Friendly Behavior

Students develop environmentally friendly behavior such as reducing water use, increasing recycling, and participating in community cleanups 

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Civic Interest and Behavior

Students develop interest in civic involvement, including feelings of civic responsibility, feelings of empowerment, and ability to take action

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Benefits of participating in Kansas Green Schools to teachers, administrators, students and parents:


Network with other Green Schools in Kansas

Learn More


Earn state and national recognition as a Kansas Green School of Excellence

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Gain access to the Kansas Green Schools Investigations and resources for your Green School efforts

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Learn about training and conference opportunities for professional development

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Find local partners to work with you on your Green School efforts


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Current Green Teams in Kansas

Use the map below to find and view current Green Teams in Kansas! Is your school or district already part of Kansas Green Schools?

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