Westar Diesel Bus Retrofit Grants

Westar Energy Kansas Green School’s School Bus Diesel Retrofit Grants: Request for Proposals


What is a School Bus Diesel Retrofit? 


A School Bus Diesel Retrofit is a modification to an existing diesel school bus that helps to reduce the air pollution from that bus. 
Why Retrofit Diesel School Buses?
Burning diesel in older buses can cause air pollution problems, including elevated particulate matter pollution and reduced overall environmental air quality in our communities. Particulate matter is associated with elevated health risks that especially impact children. 

Westar Service Area highlighted in blue.


Who Should Apply?


School districts MUST be in the Westar Energy Service Territory and a public school district.
Any public school district within the service area of Westar Energy may apply for funding and will be evaluated based on the attached proposal scoring rubric. It is important to note that while any school within the Westar Energy Service area may apply, priority for funding includes areas that are high priorities for air quality improvements in Kansas. These areas include the following counties: Butler, Douglas, Harvey, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, Riley, Sedgwick, Shawnee, Sumner and Wyandotte.
Further priority will be given to school districts that serve higher populations of economically disadvantaged youth, as represented by those receiving free and reduced lunch. 
Available Funding:
Up to $500,000 in funding has been made available from Westar Energy for Kansas Green Schools Diesel Retrofit projects. Schools and school districts may apply for grants of $20,000 to $250,000. 
Grant Requirements Overview:
As a condition of grant funding, schools or school districts must:
1.       Provide environmental education and information to students, families and community members about air quality and connections to transportation. Lesson plans for student environmental education activities may be found: www.kansasgreenschools.org/westar. Outreach to families and community might include school newsletters, anti-idling campaigns, signage, etc. 
2.       Provide appropriate diesel retrofit verification to insure that diesel retrofits have been installed.
3.       Provide additional required documentation as outlined in the “Detailed Grant Requirements and Guidelines” document.
4.       Agree to provide maintenance of retrofits for a minimum of three years. 
5.       Complete a final report to be submitted to KACEE which includes a summary of project activities, appropriate verification for installation of diesel retrofits, and any supporting documentation such as photos, videos, newsletters, examples of student work, etc. 
How to Apply:
To apply for a Westar Energy Kansas Green School’s Diesel Bus Retrofit grant, complete the online application found at:   http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Westar
Schools selected for funding will be required to submit additional funding information prior to final funding approval. See the “Detailed Grant Requirements and Guidelines” available for download below for more information. 
Applications need to be submitted no later than January 16, 2012 to be considered.