Welcome to the Kansas School Gardens Curriculum!


This curriculum is designed to support Kansas schools as they create and sustain school garden projects. Our vision is that Kansas school gardens will provide an integrated context for learning. A primary focus of this resource is to provide ideas and tools for educators that will involve students in all aspects of garden planning, planting, and maintenance. The activities in this curriculum are designed to complement regular school curricula with hands-on, interdisciplinary environmental education, providing tools and inspiration for educators to take kids outside and connect the wonders of gardening with reading, writing, math, art, physical education, science and social studies. 


Thanks to all who contributed to this project! 



USDA Specialty Crop Grant Program (through a sub-grant from the Kansas Department of Agriculture)

Kansas Association for Conservation & Environmental Education



Kansas School Gardening Coalition

The Community Mercantile

Kansas State Department of Education


Curriculum Writing Team

Beth Carreno - Bookworm Gardens, Sheboygan,WI

Nancy O’Connor - The Community Mercantile, Lawrence, KS

Lily Siebert – The Community Mercantile, Lawrence, KS

Dan Phelps – Professional Gardener, Lawrence, KS

Heather Teasley - Kindergarten USD 382, Pratt, KS

Mike Hotz - High School Science Wyandotte High School, Kansas City, KS

  Kathy Talbott - 6th Grade Tomahawk Elementary, Overland Park, KS

 Mandy Kern – Agriculture Hiawatha High School, Hiawatha, KS



K-State Research & Extension
Charles W. Marr, Ted Carey, Raymond Cloyd, and Megan Kennelly
Kansas Garden Guide
Kansas State University, March 2010.
Kansas State Department of Education
Cheryl Johnson

Project Managers

Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich -  KACEE, Onaga, KS

Laura Downey, KACEE - Manhattan, KS

Melissa Arthur, KACEE - Perry, KS


Photo Credits

Lisa Stork

Nancy O'Connor

Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich