Overview of Kansas Green Schools Program

School Green Team GuideIntroduction:

Every day, students, teachers, administrators and other school personnel make choices that impact the places we live.  Exploring your school and understanding more about your choices can make a big difference!  The Kansas Green Schools Program provides tools, resources, ideas and a place to celebrate all you do to green your school and your curriculum!                                                                        

The Benefits:

Enhance Student Understanding Using a Real Life Application

Greening your school is a hands-on, real-world learning experience. Students can apply their math, science, social studies and communication skills. Please see the Kansas Green School Investigations for more on how you can connect greening your school to the classroom!

Save and Earn Money for Your School While Helping the Environment

It costs money to dispose of trash. A school that practices waste reduction, reuse and recycling is going to save money on their waste disposal costs. Additionally, schools can generate revenue from the sale of recycled materials, such as paper and aluminum.  Saving energy is another great way to save money.  Finding out how you can reduce the energy your school uses can add up to big savings!  Even water conservation can save a school money--money that you would otherwise be flushing down the drain!   Greening your school is good for the environment and your school budget too!