Kansas Green Schools Air Quality Grants


Air Quality/Energy Grants http://www.kansasgreenschools.org/files/u145/tree-branches-and-roots.gif

Air Quality/Energy Grants projects will address issues related to air emissions, climate change, and energy savings. 

1.  Review the Air Quality/Energy Grant Information and Guidelines and apply for Air Quality/Energy Grants using the Grant Application Form.  Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted.
2.  The deadline for application is February 15, 2012.

3.  There is no match requirement for Air Quality/Energy Grants, although your budget should include any cash or in-kind contributions your school will make toward your project.

4.  Projects must have a positive impact on air quality and climate change, and may include projects such as:

  • Continuing Education training fees and travel stipends for teachers: related to environmental education, air quality, energy efficiency, alternative energy, green space/school gardens.
  • Offsite Student Environmental Education Enrichment: Supplement to classroom requirements such as EARTH or Water Festivals, zoos, science centers.
  • Community Air Quality (Monitoring, efforts that improve air quality, public or family outreach to encourage air friendly practices, diesel school bus retrofits (EPA verified technologies only), paying add-on costs for purchase of hybrid cars for drivers education)
  • Energy Efficiency (Energy management audits; improved efficiency; conservation and reduction, acquired energy savings; converting schools to Energy Star)
  • Alternative Energy (Wind, solar, other renewable energy projects)
  • School Green Space (Low-maintenance ornamental gardens that reduce lawn care, vegetable gardens, employing green infrastructures such as bio-retention cells, outdoor classrooms or Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites-OWLS)
  • Waste Management (Switch from regular cleaning products for low-toxicity cleaning products)

5. Other projects that meet eligibility requirements may also be considered for Air Quality/Energy Grants.
6.  From time to time, additional Air Quality/Energy Grant funds may become available which would provide the opportunity for larger grants.  Please let us know if you have a project that would require funding beyond the $4,500 limit.