Wildcat Green Team

School Address: 
1600 N Eisenhower
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Contact Name: 
Johanna Yeldell
[javascript protected email address]
(703) 965-4892
Education level or type: 
School Name: 
Westwood Elementary
School District Name and Number: 
USD 475
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
We have a small greenhouse currently operating, have applied to grants to create a larger greenhouse, and have a partnership with the local community garden. Additionally we have time allocations for stem as an integral part of our curriculum. Horticultural cubs are beginning this school year, and the fifth grade class is participating in project based learning around agricultural and environmental issues. Fifth grade is studying growth and development of plants and ecosystems, fourth grade is looking at light and energy and its impact on a greenhouse system, third grade looks at how food chains and energy is transferred through those chains, second grade focuses on pollination.
We currently grow and operate a small greenhouse attached to our school, and we have a partnership established with the local community center garden.