Patton Jr. High Mean Green

Students and I in the garden
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1 Patton Circle
Ft. Leavenworth , KS 66027
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Contact Name: 
Chris Clemmons
[javascript protected email address]
(913) 651-7371
Education level or type: 
Middle/Jr. High
Education level (Other): 
School Name: 
Patton Jr. High School
School District Name and Number: 
USD 207
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
Currently we are working on a garden project. We are using the schools salad bar waste to create compost for this springs garden. We have already planted a fall garden with turnips, radishes, lettuce, peas, beans, etc. Students are getting a wide variety of ecology lessons, plant structure, etc. The garden is requiring the students to solve real problems. The first problem we have faced is keeping out unwanted herbivores in our garden. They have come up with the environmentally friendly option of a motion sensored scarecrow. Next we plan to solve our irrigation problem for next spring. One possible solution we have come up with is using a rain catcher with a drip/gravity fed irrigation system.