Northwest Awesome Tigers Green Team

School Address: 
2400 North 18 Street
Kansas City, KS 66104
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Contact Name: 
Fulece C. Carson-Hughes
[javascript protected email address]
(913) 707-7154
(913) 627-4052
Education level or type: 
Middle/Jr. High
Education level (Other): 
6-7-8 grades
School Name: 
Northwest Middle School
School District Name and Number: 
Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools and USD500
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
We are having Community Garden monthly workshops that involved Gardening our onsite Organic Environmental Outdoor Classroom Garden.
Our garden is was built by 7th graders 12 years ago. For the last 12 years 6th graders have sowed and harvested native herbs, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and cotton.