Newton High School

School Address: 
900 West 12th
Newton, KS 67114
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Contact Name: 
Georgetta Grimmett
[javascript protected email address]
(316) 284-6280
(316) 284-6288
Education level or type: 
High School
School Name: 
Newton High School
School District Name and Number: 
Newton Public Schools USD 373
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
The classes graph the weight of recyclables from each area of the school. The greenhouse club also gathers information from our recycling notes and makes posters with important information concerning recycling to inform students and to encourage recycling. Recycling twice/weekly teaches the students about helping others by doing community service and assisting the school in picking up the recyclables. The classes have taken field trips to the recycling center in town to learn more about where the items go after pickup.