Marais Des Cygnes River Trekkers

Melvern Riverfront Park and Trails students, staff, and community host regional bike race.
The Melvern Riverfront Park and Trails is our outdoor classroom.
Stream School: Paul Ingle, Flinthills Resource Conservation and Development
Community Involvement- Marais Des Cygnes Valley School Pollinator Garden
Student involvement- Marais Des Cygnes Valley School Pollinator Garden
School Address: 
508 NE Main Street, P.O. Box 158 P.O. Box 158
Melvern, KS 66510
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Contact Name: 
Lori Puckett
[javascript protected email address]
(785) 549-3313
(785) 549-3576
Education level or type: 
High School
Education level (Other): 
School Name: 
Marais Des Cygnes Valley High School
School District Name and Number: 
USD #456-Marais Des Cygnes Valley School
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
Our school uses Project Learning Tree,, River of Words Contest, Project Wet, Discover a Watershed,The Missouri, World Water Monitoring, Green Works! PollinatorLIVE! Fall- Through the use of a journals students will investigate plants and pollinators at the schoolyard garden site. Spring- Enter plant data found on Melvern Riverfront Park and Trails data into ProjectBudBurst, a citizen science collection site.
National PLT/U.S. Forest Service Department of Agriculture Press Release, February 23, 2011: Green Works! PollinatorLIVE grant: $1000 pollinator garden grant "Students raised matching funds for the project by establishing a youth-led cookie business. In addition to creating the garden, students will collect data and enter field observances into ProjectBudBurst, a national database that allows participants to record plants and observation sites, to be monitored throughout the year. During 2011, community events such as a bike race and river walk will incorporate a pollinator theme." In addition to the pollinator grant; Waste Management Grant, Melvern Riverfront Park and Trails bike race, Melvern Riverfront Park and Trails 1K and 3K walk/run, Freedom Cookie Company (youth-led business partnership), Friends of the Trail partnership, Stream Assessment Workshop, Environmental Education curriculum