Lee Longhorns Green Team

School Address: 
701 Lee Street
Manhattan, KS 66502
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Contact Name: 
Tamara Wildes
[javascript protected email address]
(785) 587-2050
Education level or type: 
Education level (Other): 
School Name: 
Lee School
School District Name and Number: 
USD383 Manhattan-Ogden
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
Our art teacher incorporates environmental projects into the curricula for each grade level. This includes projects promoting awareness of environmental issues and promoting the reuse of "junk" items by turning them into art projects.
In the past 2 years we have implemented a school-wide recycling program and promoted recycling and related information at a school assembly. Recently we have attended a school board meeting to argue for the preservation of our playground soccer field which is at risk of being turned into a parking lot and are in the process of recreating a school garden, which had been removed.