Inman Go Green

This is Sunny are green team's mascot.
James Cook came to visit us from MASWU to tell us about single stream recycling.
This is our recycling facility on the school grounds open 24-7 for the community.
Students recycle the classroom bins every friday.
This student is explaining his video he made for the website to the Hutchinson Newspaper.
Green Demensional glasses is a project that blends colors to allow messages to be seen on posters the students made.
School Address: 
207 N. Maple
Inman , KS 67546
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Contact Name: 
Cameron Traxson
[javascript protected email address]
(620) 585-6555
(620) 585-6647
Education level or type: 
Education level (Other): 
5th Grade
School Name: 
Inman Elementary
School District Name and Number: 
Inman USD 448
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
This project has covered various subjects and many concepts in all areas. The students first project was to write a narrative story using the perspective of a water bottle, they chose the road of recycle or trash. Other concepts in writing were business letters and persuasive writing. Mathematics was used when we gathered our information from our community surveys as well as when we got the information from MASWU about how many pounds we recycled each month. For reading we did research on why it is important to recycle and applied the information to posters and parts of our presentations. As for social studies we tied it into our native American unit relating it to how we use our resources compared to them. The science is present at all times. We are beginning a plant growth experiment to show what happens to plants that come into contact with chemicals that are in a landfill and seep into the ground.
This year the students have... managed a recycling facility located at our school, managed a single-stream program in the school, raised awareness in the community with brochures, posters, and presentations, built a website, given and received community surveys on recycling, recognized in the Hutchinson and McPherson newspapers (front page), letters to state officials, and came up with mascot and design.