Green Team Southwestern

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Green Team Southwestern at Flat Ridge Wind Farm
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Green Team Southwestern Jumping for Joy in Greensburg
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100 College St.
Winfield, KS 67156
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Jason Speegle
[javascript protected email address]
(620) 229-6311
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College - Undergraduate and Graduate
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Southwestern College
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
Southwestern College offers the following courses which give students a better grasp of the environment. Southwestern is also looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into the overall curriculum of the college and offers a Minor in Environmental Studies. 1. Introduction to Sustainability 2. Introduction to Leadership 3. Science, Society, and the Environment 4. Environmental Issues 5. Environmental Policy Introduction to Sustainability: An informal class that introduces the students to the world of sustainability. Discussions on climate change, pollution, nonrenewable resources, renewable energy, hybrid vehicles and new green technologies will ensure that students have knowledge of enviromental issues. Students will also be take part in discussions about what needs to be done to maintain a healthy Earth. Introduction to Leadership: An introduction to leadership theory begins the class. Analysis of historical leaders, contemporary leaders, and self as leader follows. Students end the class with a learning experience designed to foster collaboration among a team of students and one that gives opportunity for that team to articulate a shared vision. Science, Society, and the Environment: This course examines human impacts on the environment and the relationship between society, politics, and the environment. There is an emphasis on scientific inquiry and the course includes an outdoor field lab component. Potential topics include global climate change, water pollution, and energy-related issues. Environmental Issues: This course is designed to allow students to concentrate on an environmental issue that they are passionate about. The students research and present their findings to the class throughout the semester.
2008-2009 Accomplishments * Participated in Recyclemania 2009. Over 22,000 pounds were recycled by SC during the 10 week competition. * Hosted the Kansas Envirothon 2009 competition ( * Toured the Spearville Wind Farm * Service Project to Greensburg, Kansas. Helped rebuild houses lost in the 2007 tornado. Toured Greensburg GreenTown and learned about the steps the town is taking to become the greenest town in the world. * Began composting some of the college’s organic waste * Calculated the carbon footprint of the entire campus * Investigated the environmental impact of eliminating the serving trays from the cafeteria 2009-2010 Green Team Goals: * Develop comprehensive Carbon Emission Reduction Plan for Southwestern College * Participate in Recyclemania 2010 and increase amount of material recycled while reducing waste generated. * Host the Kansas Envirothon 2010 (May 12, 2010). * Continue composting a portion of the campus’s organic waste. * Look for ways to reduce the amount of energy used in the dormitories and campus apartments. * Look for ways to reduce the amount of paper used on campus. * Tour Greensburg Greentown and the Spearville Wind Farm * Go on a service-learning/Green education trip (destination undetermined) * Host the 1st Annual Southwestern College Green Camp