GHS Roaring Recyclers

Recycle Fridays--sorting bottles and cans
Can You Recycle This? Celebrate EARTH 2009
Power Town Westar Energy--Celebrate EARTH 2009
Wind Energy Booth--Celebrate EARTH 2009
Windmill Powered Pond Aeration System--KS Green Schools Grant Demonstration Project
GHS Windmill Powered Pond Aeration System
Glacier Goo--Celebrate EARTH 2009
Aquatic Studies--Celebrate EARTH 2009
Solar Cooking Booth-Celebrate EARTH 2009
Sea Slick Spills Lab--Celebrate EARTH 2009
City Planner--Project EARTH 2009 Sedg Co Extension
Sorting seed for forb winter overseeding
Control burn of native grasses in OWLS area by ecology students
installing purple martin house in OWLS area
starting the native prairie flowers & grasses interpretive gardens
planting trees on ENO day in OWLS area
Great Plains Nature Center field trip 2010
2010 Celebrate Earth Event at GHS
2010 Celebrate Earth Event at GHS
planting seeds in GHS OWLS native grasses area
planting day for native prairie intrepretive gardens at GHS OWLS area
planting day for native prairie intrepretive gardens at GHS OWLS area
School Address: 
2500 South 199th Street West PO Box 189
Goddard, KS 67052
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Contact Name: 
Marylee Ramsay
[javascript protected email address]
(316) 794-4100
(316) 794-4130
Education level or type: 
High School
Education level (Other): 
High School
School Name: 
Goddard High School
School District Name and Number: 
Goddard School District USD 265
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
The high school offers a ecology/environmental science class that will meet the state requirements for one of the four years of science to enter a 4-year college. We have three upperclassman classes that recycle paper, cans and bottles once a week for buildings within the school district throughout the school year. During the fall of 2009, the ecology/environmental science students planted over 50 bushes, trees and fruit bearing vines in our OWLS located on the high school property. The classes also maintain the site throughout the school year by adding habitat (building sheltered areas out of downed or cut limbs), bird boxes, bat boxes, etc. For 2010 with the help of a Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant, a grant from Credit Union of America, a renovation grant from KS Wildlife and Parks and personal donations are building ten Leopold benches for seating in the outdoor wildlife learning site, installation of purple martin houses, overseeding of grasses and forbes in the native grasses section of the OWLS area, installation of an "art in the prairie" exhibit along the nature trail in the OWLS area, installation of a floating dock system made from recycled plastics and development of three interpretive native plant interpretive gardens representing short, mixed and tall grasses plants.
1) 2010 President's Environmental Youth Award-Region 7 2) 2010 Kansas Green School of the Year. 3) 2007-2008 50acre+ award winner for adopting-an-acre of rainforest through the Earth Foundation project 4) Ms. Ramsay, GHS ecology teacher, was awarded the KACEE Award of Excellence for Pre K-18 in environmental education 2009. 5) KS Green Schools Grant received (Jan 2009) to install a demonstration project involving a wind powered pond aeation system for their OWLS pond to help eliminate non-point source pollution of the pond through the action of aeration. 6) Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant received 2010 to install ten Leopold Benches, an aquatic studies dock extension, overseed the native grasses area and install a native plant interpretive garden. 7) Kansas Wildlife and Parks Renovation Grant 2010 to install purple martin houses, sunny rain garden to absorb water runoff from greenhouse and native plants for interpretive gardens. 8)winner of KS Waste Mgt Grant to purchase recycling containers for high school and install a fishing line waste collection unit at the OWLS pond.