BearCub Green

School Address: 
925 Ivandale
Kansas City, KS 66101
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Contact Name: 
Josephine D. Reno
[javascript protected email address]
(913) 627-6150
(913) 627-6152
School Name: 
Central Middle School
School District Name and Number: 
Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools - USD 500
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
We have a partnership with the local Lowe's Home Improvement. I had written a grant and thus they helped us create our "new" gardens on the South and North side of the building. We also have an "Outdoor Education" center which is between our buidlings that we began last year and are continuing to complete this year. We have been able to plant new trees to beautify our school more. The students maintain the gardens throughout the school year. We also began a recycling program last year which students are doing well at and our community is beginning to use more. Our next project is to somehow look at the indoors of our school and try to save on useage of paper towels and getting our cafeteria to use less of styrofoam products. We also want to begin a composting project and vegetable garden project in the fall. We will continue to look at this.
We were excited to receive a $1500 grant from Lowe's to upkeep our gardens and our biggest accomplishment was our CMS made from green bushes on the North side of our building which the students had created. We also were proud of our Memorial garden to our 2 teachers and our campus officer who passed away.