Appanoose Elementary School

School Address: 
600 Shawnee Road
Pomona, KS 66076
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Contact Name: 
Catherine Brandt
[javascript protected email address]
(785) 566-3386
(785) 566-3750
School Name: 
Appanoose Elementary School
School District Name and Number: 
West Franklin - USD 287
How are you incorporating your environmental projects into your school's curriculum?: 
We started a recycling program last year, we use our local county waste management to recycle paper and plastic bottles. We hope to add cans this year. We are also writing a grant for "Kansas Wind for Schools". We hope to receive a wind turbine to further our studies on environmental stewardship. Our local PTO is also heavily involved in supporting our recycling and environmental efforts. They just received a grant from Lowes, and matched it, to provide recycled tire chips as a new surface for our playground!
-implemented a building-wide recycling program in 07-08 school year -received a grant from Lowes with a PTO match for playground surface of recycled tire chips -applying for a grant for '09 to receive a wind turbine from "Wind for Schools"