Kansas Green Schools Grant Program

The Kansas Green Schools Grant Program was initially developed through a partnership between the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE).  Kansas Green Schools Grants are intended to encourage schools to develop creative, innovative, effective environmental projects to improve the environment; make schools a healthier place to learn, play, and work; and save money through reduced use of resources, while incorporating strong educational components.  Grant projects may address air quality, climate change, solid waste reduction and recycling, or water management through an integrated holistic approach emphasizing public health or environment-related issues.  All school-based program initiatives must include direct environmental benefits and education as components of their integrated holistic approach.

Any public or private K-12 school in Kansas may apply for a Green Schools Grant.  Green Schools Grant awards will be limited to projects that can reasonably be completed within one school year.  Grant amounts cannot exceed $4,500 per school, and schools must be registered on the Kansas Green Schools Network.  All projects must include an environmental education component in the classroom.  Schools may apply for more than one (1) grant per school year, but should realize that due to the limited amount of grant funding, preference may be given to schools that have not previously received grants.  Schools receiving grant funding are required to complete a final report.  Final report forms are found on each specific grant page.  This information will be compiled for an annual Kansas Green Schools Report.  Registration on the Kansas Green Schools Network is free and the registration form is located at www.kansasgreenschools.org.
Funding is available for a wide range of green school projects. Kansas Green Schools Grants fall into several categories, depending on their funding source.  Grant awards are dependent on available funding.  
Other Possible Projects 
Additional projects that may be eligible for Air Quality/Energy or Water Quality Grants include projects related to improving school or community green space, such as the role of green space in improving environmental conditions; employing green infrastructures such as bio-retention cells; and constructing or improving outdoor classrooms or Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites (OWLS).  These projects must meet the eligibility requirements of the Air Quality/Energy or Water Quality Grants. 
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Contact Rachel Wahle, Kansas Green Schools Project Manager at the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE), at rwahle@kacee.org or 785-539-7943.