Get Started

Welcome to the Green Schools of Excellence "How To" Guide!  Please follow the steps listed below as you begin your journey of becoming a Green School!

Step 1.  Register- Register your school as a Kansas Green School.  Click the blue "Sign Up" button on the Kansas Green Schools home page.

Step 2. Declare Your Intent!  During the registration process, click the button to declare your school's intent.

Step 3. Choose the level of certification for your school!  Silver Globe, Gold Globe or Green Globe.

Step. 4.  Identify Leaders- Identify one or more Green Team Leaders to be in charge of the Investigation(s).

Step 5.  Obtain Permissions- Leaders will want to obtain the necessary permissions from schools administrators before starting the investigation.  They should decide how and when the investigation will be conducted to avoid conflicts with school classes and activities. 

Step 6.  Form Your Green Team- Leaders should decide who will be conducting the investigation.  A team approach is recommended.  The more diverse the representation on your Green Team, including students and their grade levels, members of the community, etc. the higher the Globe Level you can apply for. Consider including the following representatives:

Teachers, Students, Administrative staff members, Custodial and maintenance staff members, Cafeteria staff members, Parent/Grandparent volunteers, Resource Professionals in the community

Step 7. Develop Questions for Discussion - Before you begin, gather your KGS Green Team and come up with a list of items and/or questions you have regarding your school’s energy use, waste practices, water quality and usage, school grounds and overall environmental quality.  Be sure to add on any items/questions you have that are not included in the KGS’s Investigations.

Step 8. Develop a Schedule and Assign Roles- Discuss how team members are going to conduct the investigation.  Will the team always work together, or will the team split into groups and assign sections to each group?  Are specific school staff members (custodial, maintenance, administrative) needed during certain parts of the investigation?  If so, contact them to schedule a time for that part of the investigation.  Develop a schedule for how the team will conduct the investigation.

Step 9. Print the Investigation- Provide a printed copy of the entire investigation to the Green Team members who will be conducting the investigation.  Then, they can record information as they walk around the school and complete the investigation.  Encourage team members to answer the questions to the best of their ability according to time allotted and documents and materials available to them.  The Print Out Packet is available on the KGS Website under the Investigation you are completing.

Add any questions that your Green Team discussed that were not covered in the investigation.

Step 10. Gather Documents and Supplies- If possible; gather the supplies and documents before the team begins the Investigation.

Step 11. Conduct the Investigation- Green Team should answer the questions to the best

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of their ability within the time allotted, and with the information and equipment available.

Step 12. Develop and Implement an Action Plan- Based on the information and data collected, the Green Team will prioritize their ideas for action projects and implement one or more of their plans.

Step 13. Apply for Recognition- Once your investigation and action plans are complete, you will apply for a Silver, Gold, or Gold Globe Level of Recognition.  Rubrics on how each level will be scored along with the applications are available on the KGS website.  Visit for more information.

Step 14. Celebrate Your School’s Success- Communicate your school’s findings and action plans with the school, school administrators, families, the community and your representatives!

Step 15.  Complete an Annual Report by June 1st of the following school year to maintain your certification or to apply for the next level of Globe certification status.