Get Started

Welcome to the Green Schools of Excellence "How To" Guide!  Please follow the steps listed below as you begin your journey of becoming a Green School!

1) Register your school as a Kansas Green School.  Click the blue "Sign Up" button on the Kansas Green Schools home page.

2) Declare Your Intent!  During the registration process, click the button to declare your school's intent.

3) Choose the level of certification for your school!  Silver Globe, Gold Globe or Green Globe.

4) Complete the application process by July 15, 2016.  (Note: workbooks and the application process are currently in development).  Kansas Green Schools of Excellence will be notified of their certification status no later than the begininng of the school year, in time for a new school year celebration!

5) Complete an annual report by July 15th of the following school year to maintain your certifcation or to apply for the next level of Globe certification status.