Virtual Tours


In this section, you can view video interviews with several Kansas school gardeners, representing both rural and urban garden projects across the state. Through these virtual tours, you'll hear first hand what it's like to start and manage a school garden project, and gain valuable insights, inspiration and resources for your own projects.


Wyandotte High School's school garden started in 2000, and is a great example of an urban school garden in Kansas City, KS. Click Here to view an interview with Wyandotte High School garden organizers, Mike Hotz and Joanne Postlewait.



Central Plains developed its garden in 2010.  Has since become a community garden in Bushton, KS.  To view an interview with Central Plains school garden organizer, Steve Woolf, please click on the following links!

Steve Woolf Interview Part One

Steve Woolf Interview Part Two



Prairie Moon Waldorf School in Lawrence, KS engages even its youngest students in the Okanis Garden. To view an interview with Prairie Moon's Okanis school garden organizer, Rick Mitchell, please click on the following links! 

Rick Mitchell Interview Part One

Rick Mitchell Interview Part Two


West Junior High School in Lawrence, KS manages their garden through a unique business partnership with the Community Mercantile. To view interviews with Nancy O'Connor, Lily Siebert, Dan Phelps, and student gardeners from the West Junior High School Garden please click on the following links!

West School Garden Interview Part One

West School Garden Interview Part Two

Case Study Interviews and Videography by Lisa Stork.